What is ashkelon?

Ashkelon is an open source software tool for Java software developers. It is a system for documenting java source code and for efficiently referencing java source code, lots of java source code. Here is a more elaborate description of ashkelon.

Under what software license is ashkelon provided?

Ashkelon is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Among other things it means that it is open. You have access to the source and can make modifications. You're also free to use it. Although it's free of charge, I welcome donations if you find that ashkelon saves you time and effort.

What are the origins of the project name (ashkelon)?

See doc/html.chunked/ch11s02.html

How can I help?

You can either donate to this project or, if you're a Java software developer, you might be able to contribute enhancements. Feel free to contact Eitan personally.

SourceForge Related

What is ashkelon's sourceforge project home page

What's the best way to correspond with project developers?

The ashkelon-devs mailing list is probably best. Here is the main sourceforge mailing lists page.


Whom do I contact for feedback?

The ashkelon-devs mailing list on sourceforge is probably best.


A public instance of ashkelon used to be available online at that url. At the moment there is no online instance of ashkelon, though one is planned., which is based on ashkelon is available online. It does not use ashkelon's dhtml ui however.

Why is no longer online?

Well, there are fees associated with hosting the site. Also, the maintenance of the site also has an associated cost (updating apis as new versions come out for example). Having said that, I do plan to resurrect Stay tuned. Logo