Chapter 6. Viewer Application Screen Shots

Here is a collection of screenshots of the ashkelon web application. This particular instance shows only a half dozen APIs. You should be able to notice how the search results include items from a variety of APIs. Again, inter-API cross referencing is complete. For example: the documentation page for a method in API A that returns a type defined in API B will show the return type hyperlinked.

Table 6.1. APIs and Package Listings

API Listing

J2SE Package Listing

Packages View

Table 6.2. Sample Package: java.awt

java.awt at a glance

java.awt Class Listing

java.awt Interfaces Listing

java.awt Main View

java.awt Inheritance Hierarchy


Table 6.3. Sample Class: java.lang.String

String class at a glance

String constructor variants

String Class Main View

String Method Listing

String Static Method Listing


Table 6.4. Search

Simple Search

Simple Search Results

Power Search

Power Search Results

Wildcard Search


Table 6.5. Method Detail & Cross Reference Lookup

Method Detail

Cross Reference Lookup


Table 6.6. Stats

Author Stats

Package Stats


Table 6.7. Miscellaneous

Author View


Legend: Color coding and Styles