February 3 2006

Version 0.9 is out; check out the release notes


August 26 2004

java.net publishes article on ashkelon


August 20 2004

The ashkelon project is proud to announce a new product:

ashkelon lite

"ashkelon lite" provides all the benefits of the ashkelon product without any of the hassle and overhead. It's ashkelon in a war file. There's no need to setup a database, no need to configure _anything_, not even to populate a repository.

Just drop the downloaded war file into tomcat (or whatever servlet container you use) and you've got searchable javadocs "out of the box" presented the ashkelon way (or if you prefer the classic look, you've got it too). ashkelon lite embeds a mckoidb database prepopulated with j2se, servlet, hibernate, dom4j, and junit APIs.

This is the first release of ashkelon lite. Future releases will further tune which and how many APIs to bundle into the product, based on your feedback (please use the ashkelon-users@lists.sourceforge.net mailing list).


August 20 2004

Version 0.8.8 of ashkelon has been released.

The primary enhancement to ashkelon in version 0.8.8 is the support for mckoidb in addition to mysql and postgres (both of which have been supported in ashkelon for some time)

August 17 2004

Version 0.8.7 released with Maven POM (project object model) file support. You can now populate maven projects with ease by directly feeding ashkelon your POM file.

August 11 2004

Eitan finally takes the time to give ashkelon a project site. I hope you find it useful / helpful.

August 11 2004

Ben Galbraith today blogged on the release of jdocs.org and about ashkelon.

August 11 2004

jdocs.org first major adopter of ashkelon "technology"

javalobby today announced a new service http://jdocs.org, based on ashkelon. they're using ashkelon to serve javadocs for public consumption (currently using the ashkelon repository manager but with their own jsps instead of ashkelon's dhtml ui).

August 1 2004

ashkelon v0.8.6 released. See release notes.

July 7 2004

ashkelon v0.8.5 released. See release notes

May 2004

ashkelon documentation updated, gets face lift, thanks to docbook

July 22 2002

java.sun.com features front-page article on dbdoc

JavaOne 2002

ashkelon alternate technical session (pdf)

June 2002

SourceForge project ashkelon setup

May 9 2002

dbdoc goes open source, gets new name: ashkelon


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